Reuters recently published information that the ADIDAS company withdrew its opposition against the registration of the new trademark in the USA, a logo with three stripes. This information is all the more interesting because it comes two days after ADIDAS filed an opposition to the trademark registration of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement with the US Patent and Trademark Office.


Company sources justify this with the view that the general public may misunderstand the oposition, that is, that the sports brand is generally against the use of any three parallelstripes. The source also indicated that the company is in a dilemma whether to allow widespread use of these three parallel stripes and risk them becoming too generic.

ADIDAS has built and maintained this world-renowned distinctive brand for over 70 years, and this is precisely why there are limitations in the scope of protection. Although it is a basic and simple mark, three parallel straight lines, ADIDAS is increasingly being challenged by companies that protect two or four parallel straight lines.


On the other hand, many consider that the trademark of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement with three parallel yellow lines comes dangerously close to the ADIDAS design and creates confusion. The trademark at first glance immediately associates with some kind of involvement of ADIDAS in the products. Despite that, ADIDAS’s thoughts on withdrawing the oposition are still in the direction of protecting its own brand. The BLACK LIVES MATTER movement fighting against racism would gain a lot more sympathy than the renowned ADIDAS brand in the event of a possible lawsuit.


But the dilemma remains whether any other company, following this example, will dare to register its trademark with three parallel straight lines.

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