Intellectual Property

Law office Pepeljugoski is a one of the leader offices in the area of Intellectual Property in the Republic of North Macedonia.

In this law field we provide legal opinions and other services concerning the Copyright Law and Industrial Property Law. As a registered representative, we offer the opportunity for realization of intellectual property rights, starting from filing an application in front of the State office for industrial property until registration of the industrial property rights and its enforcement.

We also provide services in the field of customs protection of the intellectual property rights.

Our team is experienced in this field due to the fact that these legal issues are handled by attorneys at law, trained in the area of intellectual property rights and who have previous working experience in this field.

We highlight that Law office Pepeljugoski is also European Patent Attorney and representative, which stands as a symbol for success in this practice area. The quality of the services that we provide is well known and highly appreciated in the region and wider, making Law office Pepeljugoski representative for intellectual property in the Republic of Kosovo as well.

All of the above mentioned helped us to create vivid range of partner offices with which we share opinions and experiences regarding the intellectual property.

Being an associative member of The International Trademark Association – INTA provides us the possibility to know the latest world innovations and concepts in the field of the intellectual property rights and implement them on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia. Our law office is one of the few that has filled patent application through the European patent Convention and the Patent Cooperation treaty.