Energy sector, concessions and environmental law

Law office Pepeljugoski has extensive experience in the energy sector, handling both regulatory and transactional matters. It represents international enterprises with various interests in the energy industry, for example: heat and gas production companies, project developers, equipment manufacturers, major construction companies, power traders and financial institutions.

Law оffice Pepeljugoski operates in the energetic sector in relation to the procedures of issuing licenses of the Regulatory Commission of Energy, approvals for connection to the energetic network, building of power-, gas- and hydro plants, preparation and submission of energy license applications and review of standard trading agreements.

In the field of energy sector, we have participated in the procedures for establishing a public-private partnership, preparation of tender documents, public announcements, etc.

Following the successful procurement of the license and the incorporation of a local subsidiary, our Law office deals with the variety of legal matters that arise in the energy industry (such as land use, project finance, etc.).

Law office Pepeljugoski is also experienced in the procedures for obtaining environmental licenses, compliance with the legislation in the area of environmental and representing the clients before the state institutions.

Law office Pepeljugoski has a tradition in working with concessions and public procurement contracts of state owned enterprises, respectively: public procurement for joint venture, contract for electricity grid, public procurement processes for Internet services for municipalities in the country, parking lots, public street-cleaning, concession in telecommunications, concessions for geodetic exploring of raw minerals.