Financial sector and tax law

Law office Pepeljugoski provides legal services in all areas of the commercial law, such as: company law, contractual law and tort law, financial law, law on acquisition, law on securities, investment law, banking law, real estate law, customs and tax law and etc.

Our range of work includes due diligence in all legal financial areas, services in the area of stocks and shares, law on legal entities and corporative governance, acquisitions, investments and investment funds, money transfer, securing of claims and etc. We have also an experience in preparing purchasing agreements, pledge and mortgage agreement, credit agreements and etc.

In many cases, we serve as general counsel for companies on their legal and business issues and represent them in all areas of their corporate life, from the original establishment of the enterprise through all aspects of its evolution and operation. We are involved in all spheres of corporate governance. We represent corporations in structuring their initial capitalization and in ongoing corporate financing transactions utilizing a wide range of public and private debt and equity instruments.

Our Law office provides a broad range of services to corporations and private business, such as: private and public offering, mergers and acquisitions, public private partnership and etc.

It is important to note our experience in providing legal assistance in trading with stocks and shares, consulting services in hiring brokerage houses and use of financial instruments in the daily corporate operations of the companies.

In the financial sector we provide legal services for foreign investors in order to alien the work with the legal regulations in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Law office Pepeljugoski considers tax law as one of the key areas of work, we are competent and committed to providing the best advice to our clients in the field of tax law. Law office Pepeljugoski provides legal assistance on issues related to all types of taxes, avoidance of double taxation, advising on possible tax risks in business, also offers preparation of legal analysis of the tax legislation in the country, representation in all types of procedures in the field of taxes and customs before the competent authorities.