Information Technology and Personal Data Protection

The development of the modern technology created more problems arising in the virtual world. The problem of software piracy is a global issue and it is part of our area of expertise. The cooperation with the most famous software enterprises worldwide helped us gain experience in the field of the law on information technology and provided us with the necessary knowledge to successfully solve the problems in this sphere.

Part of our services in this field are providing legal opinions and interpretation of the regulations in the Republic of North Macedonia and comparatively, protection of the copyright and related rights to the software and software programs, preventing the misuse or breach of the right holders of software and software programs, notification of the authorities for the existence of breach of the copyright of our clients and joint actions in order to prevail illegal production, sale and usage of software and software programs. We also file requests for domain registration and services connected to e-business, electronic commerce, e-banking regulation of the status of the internet providers, IP television, digital television and other digital technology.

The modern society is reflected by rapid development of technology as a driving force of globalization and the information boom in the use of personal data, due to which the leading challenge in the field of law is the personal data protection.

Our team of experienced lawyers with extensive knowledge is ready, at any time, to respond to these modern challenges and the growing demand of the clients for legal services in the field of personal data protection by offering: information, support, consulting, counseling, legal opinions and comprehensive assistance in the process of harmonization with the latest trends and regulations in this area, with special reference to the European regulations in the field of personal data protection, as the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), as well as the new domestic legislation and bylaws on the personal data protection regulations, including the current development of the practice of the competent regulatory body in the country and the practice, opinions and views of the regulatory bodies at European level.

Law оffice Pepeljugoski also offers services of counseling, guidance, audit and assistance to clients for harmonization of their internal documentation with the domestic regulations for personal data protection, as well as services for representing clients in the procedures for personal data protection before the competent institutions and courts.