Emergency number 112 was put into use from today

From today, the European emergency number 112 is in use for the Macedonian citizens. In an emergency, by dialing 112, everyone will receive the services of the police, emergency medical service or fire department as soon as possible, from anywhere in the country.

Dejan Stojanoski – Attorney at law, from Law Office Pepeljugoski was hired as a senior legal expert on the project for introduction of the entire emergency response system and participated in the exchange of experiences with EU countries, which are recognized as an example of best international practices in this process and their adaptation to local legislation.

We are proud of lawyer Stojanovski and his participation in this project, which after many years of preparation will be put in function for the citizens.

The establishment of the entire system of 112 emergency number, was supported by the European Union with 2,3 million euros, including hardware, software, and professional assistance. The direct user is the Crisis Management Center.

The emergency number 112 is provided as an addition to the existing emergency numbers, and as a one-stop service for all citizens’ needs.

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