Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, the expert team presented the National Intellectual Property Strategy 2022-2026

The project team leader Mr. Zeljko Topikj and the expert on intellectual property rights and the expert for the intellectual property rights, lawyer partner in the law company Pepeljugoski, dr. Valentin Pepeljugoski had their presentation on the Strategy, developed within the project EU framework contract for the implementation of external aid 2018 europeaid “Support to the bureau for industrial property.”

Zeljko Topikj referred to the preparation of the National Strategy, while Dr. Valentin Pepeljugoski spoke about the implementation of intellectual property rights.

Lilijana Kutervac, General Director of the state Office for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Croatia, shared her experiences at the event, and the perspective of the intellectual property representatives was conveyed by Marin Gavrilovski.

Within the panel lead by Valentin Pepeljugoski, prof. Romana Matanovac Vuckovikj –Faculty of Law in Zagreb and President of the Croatian Music Institute spoke about the Protection and Collective Management of the Intellectual Property Rights in EU, while the Industrial Property Rights and EU Intellectual Property legislation were addressed by prof. Jadranka Dabovikj- Atanasovska – Faculty of Law „Iustinianus Primus“ Skopje.

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