Facility Management License – Prerequisite for Managing Residential Buildings

The Law on Housing regulates the management of residential buildings, the manner of management and maintenance of buildings, the types of buildings in housing, the relations between the owners of separate parts and third parties, the community of owners, records of apartments, rental relations in housing, the rights and obligations of the Republic, the municipalities, the municipalities in the city of Skopje and the city of Skopje in housing, inspection and administrative supervision, as well as other issues in the field of housing.

Under management of residential buildings is considered the monitoring and implementation of the decisions made by the community of owners of the separate parts in the building, representation in legal matters and in the procedures before the competent bodies in order for functioning, maintenance and preservation of the common parts of the residential building.

The management activities can be performed by a manager or a registered community of owners. In any case, the owners of separate parts are obliged to make a decision by which they will decide whether they will entrust the tasks of management to a manager or to the community of owners.

 In order to perform activities for management of residential buildings, the manager is obliged to possess a license, which is issued by the Regulatory Commission for Housing as competent body. The license can be issued to a legal or natural person that meets the required conditions.

Namely, the legal person that wants to perform activities for management of residential buildings has to be registered in the Central Register of the Republic of North Macedonia with a minimum cash deposit of 5,000 euros in denar counter value.

In addition, the legal person has to have at least three employees, one of which with higher education in law or economy and two people with at least secondary vocational training.

The procedure for obtaining a license is initiated by submitting a Request to the Regulatory Commission on Housing and it lasts around 7 working days, if the application and the submitted documentation are complete and valid.

The facility management license is issued with a validity period of five years. Within 30 days before the expiration of the license, the manager can submit a Request for its extension to the Regulatory Commission on Housing. If the request is approved, the license is renewed for a period of five years.

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