Restrictive measures / sanctions against Russia, that Republic of North Macedonia joins since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine and their effect

The invasion of Ukraine, as the largest military operation in Europe since World War II and a serious violation of the general principles of international law, began on February 24, 2022, followed by a massive range of attacks by the Russian army.

A comprehensive package of sanctions in the areas of energy, finance and transport, export control and visa restrictions, were introduced by a number of European countries, the United Kingdom and the United States, immediately after the invasion had started.

The Republic of North Macedonia joins these sanctions as an indirect means of participation and full condemnation of hostilities and violation of human rights during the invasion, and above all, as a full support of the territorial sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine.

The first package of EU restrictive measures included a ban on travel through EU countries, as well as a ban on access to the finance founds for politicians and business people who played a role in the current situation in Ukraine.

As a NATO member, the Republic of North Macedonia has joined the Alliance’s call for Russia to cease hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, first by closing the airspace for Russian planes and airlines, and Russia has responded to this flight ban with counter-measures, by banning more than 36 countries from using its airspace.

Furthermore, the types of restrictive measures that the Republic of North Macedonia accepts and supports are financial measures, embargo on goods and services, embargo on weapons and entry ban into the Republic of North Macedonia, and the authorities responsible for implementing these restrictive measures are the Ministry of Interior Ministry of Finance – Office for Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism, Customs Administration, Ministry of Economy, the National Bank of RNM, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The effect of the invasion and the series of restrictive measures against Russia – by the great powers so far, to which the Republic of North Macedonia joins, is most expressed and perceived in economic terms, ie primarily in terms of trade with the large market of Russia, which is causing financial and economic damage and contributing to a possible global economic crisis.

Such effects will be felt in a long-term, especially having in mind their current duration.

Hence, the effect of the invasion on the world economy and development is indisputable, but what should be emphasized at the moment is the large number of human casualties and far-reaching consequences on world peace.

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