Successfully completed international arbitration conference on the topic: “BUSINESS AND ARBITRATION IN THE ERA OF GLOBALIZATION: CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES“

The International Arbitration Conference on “BUSINESS AND ARBITRATION IN THE ERA OF GLOBALIZATION: CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES”, organized by the Permanent Elected Court – Arbitration on 11 – 12.05.2021.

Mr. Pepeljugoski, as a member of the Presidency of the Permanent Arbitration Court – Arbitration had the special pleasure to be the moderator of the panel on the second day of the Conference on Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in three countries of South-Eastern Europe, focusing on the Republic of Northern Macedonia, the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Croatia.

The Arbitration Conference was an online event that was attended by approximately 100 participants from the country and the region and where the attorneys at law of the Law Firm Pepeljugoski Svetlana Necheva, M.Sc., and Ana Pepeljugoska Kostovska,Ph.D. took part and were involved in the discussions.

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